I have sex

I love this video. This is what our society needs – more people standing up for the idea that sex is good.

So many people are willing to call us sinful, immoral, or wrong for having sex (depending on when we do it, who we do it with, how we do it, etc.) It takes a lot of guts to face off against such moral judgement – especially when it comes from a parent, a friend, or some other person whose respect means something to you – and state unashamedly, “I have sex.”

I have sex, and I enjoy it!

Feel free to post your own declarations in the comments!



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2 responses to “I have sex

  1. Shannon Hunzicker

    I think in just one more generation our society will look a lot different thanks to young people like the ones in this video. But only if we keep standing up and speaking out. Keep up the posts, boyfriend. My declaration…

    I have sex, and I enjoy it!

  2. Brilliant video! i have sex and i’m not ashamed of it!
    Thanks for posting.

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