Good, rational ideas about relationships

There’s an excellent article over at the New York Times discussing the idea of non-monogamous relationships, and how, for some couples, they may work better than traditional strict monogamy.

The piece focuses on the views of Dan Savage (the man behind the amazing It Gets Better Project), and exemplifies something we need more of – good, rational ideas about relationships. Unlike so many religious views, Savage worries about the things that really matter, i.e. whether the people involved in a relationship are honest, happy, and healthy. If a couple agrees that marriage with infidelity fulfills their needs, then that’s great for them.



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3 responses to “Good, rational ideas about relationships

  1. I can already imagine the barrage of comments and anathema from the hardcore feminists and all sorts of bien-pensant “pundits.”

    • I don’t know what kind of feminist would be against this. Savage’s philosophy is that both people in a relationship should be happy, via a means that works for them as a couple (hey, isn’t that everyone’s philosophy?)

      • The kind of feminist to whom “non-monogamous” will inevitably sound a bit too similar to “polygyny” and therefore bad for women. You can’t deny there’s a few of those around.

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