Catholic Church set to deny responsibility again

I was away for a wedding and some sightseeing in Finland last week. I had a wonderful time, but while I was away I missed the opportunity to highlight the latest news in the Irish government’s fight against pederast priests and the Catholic Church. (See here for previous posts.)

According to the latest, the Vatican is going to issue a “strong response” to the Cloyne Report sometime this month, in which they will rebuff  “the Taoiseach’s accusation [that] the Vatican undermined child protection guidelines.”

So, yeah… as expected, the Catholic Church is still going with “It’s not our fault.”

Also, in the wake of the Cloyne Report, Irish leaders are drafting legislation that would make it a crime not to report information pertaining to possible child abuse. Information obtained in a confessional would, of course, fall under this. What does the Church have to say about this?

The [Irish] Government will also be told that the seal of the confession is sacrosanct.

The Catholic Church thinks it is above the law. Sorry boys, the Republic of Ireland is a secular democracy, not a theocracy. You aren’t the law anymore.

With these statements from the Vatican, the Irish government essentially has its response. If I were them, I wouldn’t wait for something more “official” before condemning the Church further, and moving strongly to counter its influence in Ireland. It’s clear that they do not care a whit about those they’ve harmed, and are interested only in protecting themselves.


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