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Google+You’ve probably heard about Google’s new social networking site, Google+, which has been up and running for a while in beta. I’ve been playing around with it recently, and I think it could be very useful. Unlike Facebook, where you friend someone to make a two-way connection with them, Google+ allows one-way connections. Instead of deciding who you want to friend, you decide who you want to follow (similar to Buzz or Twitter). You can see updates from people you follow (if security settings allow it), and others can choose to follow you, or just look at your public profile, if they want to see your updates.

I’ve decided to play around with this a bit, so I’ve added a link to my Google+ profile in the sidebar. Oftentimes I come across interesting articles or media on the Internet that I’d like to share, but that don’t warrant a full blog post. I’m going to try posting these things to my Google+ profile. If you find them interesting, you can follow me, or you can just click the link to my profile whenever you feel like it to see what’s new.


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