The Kindle Touch saves Tim from a mountain of books

I have purchased a Kindle Touch! I have already breezed through one book using it, and am looking forward to starting several more.

I think the Touch is really going to have a big effect on my reading habits. Unconsciously, I think I’ve been avoiding buying new books partially because I’m opposed to the accumulation of stuff. I love having books, but I also hate the idea of needing a place to keep them, and having to transport them when I move to new locations. The Kindle takes care of all that. Granted, the Kindle isn’t good for when you have to flip around inside a book to reference parts you read previously, and books that are heavy on graphics become difficult to read as well. As such, I probably won’t read Steven Pinker’s new tome, The Better Angles of our Nature, on my Kindle. But I do foresee myself doing a lot more reading due to the convenience of it, and that makes me happy.

What technology has improved your life lately?



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2 responses to “The Kindle Touch saves Tim from a mountain of books

  1. I’m still a paper and ink diehard but I understand the idea of saving space and trees with an e-reader. I’m glad it is offering you the chance to read more.

    p.s. I definitely hear you on the whole lugging books from place to place when you move.

  2. My boyfriend has been pestering me to get one of these for the longest time. While they are not more eco-friendly than used or library books certainly (the industrial metabolism of the things alone is scary) they certainly save paper compared to new books and so much lighter. I brought Lisa Randall’s new book on a long switch-trains-a-lot trip and I thought my arm was going to fall off.

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