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On sex and spirituality

Here’s an article that makes some interesting and accurate points about sex and spirituality. The gist is this:

The fact that it is so very, very popular in sex-positive communities to put sexuality in the realm of the mystical by defining it as “spiritual” or “sacred” doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy; it gives me a numbing chill because what I really hear is shame. I hear people making excuses for their kinks and their pleasure. That so much talk about sexuality is wrapped in platitudes about spirituality, magic(k), or transcendence shows how deeply we’ve failed in being able to discuss sexual pleasure as a good thing in itself, without any excuses.

All the paganism, Tantra, meditation, sacred sex, and BDSM sex magic(k) books and workshops represent a step backward. They are very convenient ways of rationalizing sexual pleasure by letting people claim that it’s about “something more” than just making your body feel good. All the sweat and cum and juices and the delicious, confusing carnality of sex get shoved back into the closet in favor of much tidier abstractions so that we can believe that we’re not just shallow hedonists. And that takes us back to square one, where we were told by our teachers, priests, and parents that sex was good — or at least acceptable — when done for any reason other than physical pleasure.

Some people are commenting that the author is trying to take away the spiritual aspect of their sexual experiences. Instead, what I take from the article is that we shouldn’t need sex to be spiritual for it to be worthwhile, and we should be careful to acknowledge that the down-and-dirty, carnal conceptualization of sex is something worth having. Sex is good when done for physical pleasure.

Here’s the rest of the article.

(via Greta Christina)


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Something horrible happened… so thank God

When Seth (aka The Thinking Atheist) gave a talk at the Oklahoma Freethought Convention last July, he pointed out that Christians are willing to say that God is “good” no matter what happens in their lives, no matter what terrible misfortunes befall them. Christians will always find a way to rationalize it, leaving God completely unrequired to do anything to earn the title of “good.” The Thinking Atheist used a few hypothetical scenarios to illustrate this, and I blogged about them at the time.

Now, a near-perfect equivalent of one of those scenarios has occured (as Seth himself pointed out on his Facebook page). It’s awful – a man was attacked in his home and stabbed thirty-seven times. He had to carry his intestines in his hand to get to the phone. Fortunately, he survived – no doubt due to heroic medical intervention. Yet this report on the incident by a Christian network doesn’t mention thanks for anyone but Jesus, and those sentiments are echoed by many of the commenters below. First of all, why no thanks for the medical team that saved this man’s life? Second, where was Jesus when the man was being stabbed thirty-seven times?

It doesn’t make any sense.

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What is love?

Here is a Valentine’s Day post for those interested in the science of love.

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One step forward…

California’s Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage, was ruled unconstitutional yesterday. So that’s good news.

Meanwhile, a chilling story from last week reminds how far we still have to go before gays are treated like people in this country. This story about anti-gay bullying occurring in schools in Michele Bachmann’s home district is appalling. Nine teens in the district committed suicide in two years, while most of the adults in their lives did nothing to help them. The anti-gay climate was created and maintained by religious conservatives who, along with Michele Bachmann, think of homosexuality as a form of “sexual dysfunction,” and a moral evil.

Disgusting. Give it a read.

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