Some things worth reading

I’m still trying to catch up on some links I’ve been meaning to share. Here’s two for today:

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying (and learning from) Valerie Tarico’s blog, Away Point. By her own description, she writes on the “intersection between religious belief, psychology and politics.” Her posts shed light on the religious underpinnings of misogyny and opposition to sex and contraception  in the United States (by our own elected representatives!) She often couples these analyses with straight-up factual information about contraception and reproductive health – something that many Americans get too little of. There is a post in particular that is chock full of information that probably everyone should know, regarding what contraception is available, how it can benefit us as a society, and what groups (church, political, medical, etc.) have a vested interest in keeping us less-than-informed on these matters. Check it out:
15 Things Old Boys like Rick Santorum Don’t Want You to Know About Your Body and Your Contraception

On a related note: battles over contraception are often actually about sexual morals and sexual permissiveness. The Religious Right wants to limit access to contraception and abortion facilities because they want to limit what we do in the bedroom. One of the best arguments against such a view – aside from the fact that it is a baseless and meritless moral system – is that trying to control people’s sexuality actually makes society worse. The data shows that social conservatism contributes to higher rates of teen pregnancy, abortion, and STDs. Many countries that are more sexually permissive than the United States have much lower rates of these problems. See for yourself:
5 Countries that do it better: How sexual prudery makes America a less healthy and happy place 


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  1. I did not know Valerie Tarico had a blog. Awesome!

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