Kenan Malik on banning hate speech

I might as well declare this “Free Speech Week” here on my blog. I’ve posted twice on the subject already this week, and today’s post will mark my third. I’m glad, for the following is something I’ve been meaning to share.

Writer and blogger Kenan Malik recently posted the text of an interview he gave on the subject of hate speech. He’s titled the post, Why hate speech should not be banned.

As I wrote yesterday, free speech is a difficult issue, and I find myself frequently in need of a reminder as to why disparagement of persons based on their immutable characteristics – in other words, hate speech – should be protected. Malik gives clear, well-thought out answers to this question and many related ones. Normally I would offer some highlights, but really the entire interview is engaging and informative, and well worth one’s time. Do give it a look.


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