What should have been a no-brainer…

It isn’t difficult to find stories of Jehovah’s Witnesses who were willing to die, or willing to let their children die, rather than receive a life-saving blood transfusion. Here an ER physician tells about an interaction he had with the family of a severely injured young man.

It was around that time that his parents showed up and informed us that the patient was a Jehovah’s Witness and would not accept blood products under any circumstances. Even if that meant his death. They were adamant on this point even after I explained that we were not in hypothetical territory any more — that his injuries were quite life-threatening and the blood loss might be the factor that caused him to die. They were firm and well-prepared and even showed us a piece of paper signed by the patient, fairly recently, expressly refusing blood transfusions.

Blood transfusion

God has a problem with this.

The author expresses his frustration at this state of affairs, and his contempt for the beliefs that brought it about. I share his feelings, but I disagree with his analysis of the situation:

[The parents] valued some abstract, imaginary fantasy of the afterlife and their idiosyncratic reading of scripture over the real, actual living, breathing son whom they had loved and nurtured for two decades.

Yes, but this isn’t a fantasy to them. Given the option between a relatively short, relatively miserable current existence and an eternal life filled with happiness, the latter is a great choice. The problem isn’t, as the author implies, that the family has messed up priorities. The problem is that they believe things about reality that are simply false.

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One response to “What should have been a no-brainer…

  1. Cults do get people killed!
    50 times as many men,women,children have been killed by the Watchtower society ban on *whole* blood transfusions than at Jonestown kool-aid mass murders.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses *blood transfusion confusion*.
    In 2012 God’s will and scripture got nothing to do with the Jehovah’s Witnesses position on use of blood products.
    It is 100 percent what will play out in a secular court of law as to the parent Watchtower being held liable for deaths.
    Most Jehovah’s Witnesses rushed to the ER with massive blood loss will scream NO BLOOD right up to their last breath,The shocker is they can now have most of the blood components that will pull them through,but they are so indoctrinated that blood is forbidden that they can’t comprehend the loopholes.
    The Watchtower has drilled and grilled us that our stand on blood is NON NEGOTIABLE.
    The loopholes that allow blood usage is to save the Watchtower corporation money from blood death liability suits.
    This is a truly evil organization that would sacrifice tens of thousands of men,women,children for the almighty dollar.
    The blood products ban has been in force since 1945 the buzz today about it being a *personal conscience matter* and the hope of new medical advances like artificial blood don’t undo all those who have past perished.
    The New York city based Watchtower sect is concerned foremost with liability lawsuits for wrongful death.They know that if they repeal the ban on *whole* blood transfusion,that it will open the door for legal examination of all the thousands who have died since 1945.
    *tell the truth don’t be afraid*

    Danny Haszard

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