Missoula’s new anti-sexual assault ads

Anti-rape poster

She was on her own, so I made my move… and told the guys hassling her to back off. They were really crossing the line.

These are some excellent anti-sexual assault posters from Missoula, Montana. They not only discourage assault, but encourage bystanders to help out others who look like they might be in trouble.

We have good reason to believe that ads like this are effective, even when the ads are directed at the rapists themselves. A Canadian campaign similar to this one seems to have decreased the rate of sexual assault in Vancouver by 10 percent. This isn’t surprising, given what activists are always saying about rape – it’s supported by culture. If it weren’t, then changing the culture wouldn’t have any effect on the incidence of rape. That it does shows that rape is not some biological inevitability, but a social issue we can do something about.


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