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We should always be free to ask questions

A recent post at the Friendly Atheist mentions what looks like an interesting book.  Christian blogger Anne Jackson asked readers to respond to the question, “What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?” She published the responses in book form, and the excerpts over at the Friendly Atheist seem to confirm what many people already know – there are some questions it’s not okay to ask in church. For example:

My brother is gay and a Christian. I don’t feel that I can talk about it in church.

If homosexuality is a moral wrong, as many Christians will claim, it should not be difficult to explain why. And yet, Andy apparently doesn’t feel comfortable asking for that explanation in his church. Could it be that questions on such matters are not welcomed?

We should always be free to ask questions. Life is a search for knowledge – to be able to conduct that search honestly is a basic human right.



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