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The Burzynski Clinic is a scam run by juveniles who threaten and intimidate

The Burzynski Clinic is a Houston-based “alternative” cancer treatment center. They prey on people’s desperation in the face of disease to charge exorbitant fees for a cancer “treatment” that doesn’t work.

This is not news. Info on Burzynski and his bogus treatment (called “antineoplaston therapy”) has been available on the web for a long time. What is news is that several months ago a high school student in Wales wrote an article for his blog in which he harshly criticized the Burzynski Clinic for exploiting people with cancer, and then the clinic responded by sending a fake lawyer to intimidate with threats of a libel suit. The “lawyer,” as you can see from his emails, is a real classy guy.


This is my THIRD AND FINAL WARNING to you.

Please convey this message to your entire Skeptic Network, which includes but not limited to,, thetwentyfirstfloor, quackwatch, etc. I represent Dr. Burzynski, the Burzynski Clinic, and the Burzynski Research Institute. I’ve attached Azad Rastegar, and Renee Trimble from the Burzynski Clinic for your confirmation.

In the following weeks I will be giving authorization to local attorneys in multiple countries to pursue every defamation libel case online, including your online libelous statements. I suggest you shut down your entire online defamation campaign about Dr. Burzynski, and remove ALL recent or previous comments off the internet IMMEDIATELY. The minute you post any libelous comments online about my client I will pursue you and your parents/guardians To the Full Extent of the Law. I have no obligation to train you, or teach you, the meaning of defamation. Google it, or go to the library and research it.

This is a very serious matter. Please confirm your mailing address, which I have on record as (my address). If you do not cooperate an official legal complaint requesting punitive damages will be mailed to that address. I will be contacting your school as well to inform them of your illegal acts.

Again, this is my FINAL WARNING TO YOU.


Marc Stephens

(Screen capture of Google Maps satellite view of my house)


I love the part where he includes a picture of Rhys’ house as seen on Google Maps. I’m not sure if this makes Marc Stephens look more like a lawyer or a stalker – but he sucks at both. This guy has all the powers of intimidation of a five year old.

Rhys is handling all of this extremely well, despite his young age (I would not have done so well when I was 17, I’ll tell you that). You can read the details of the Burzynski Clinic’s attempts to silence him at his blog.

One of the wonderful things about charlatans trying to silence and intimidate on the Internet is that it always backfires. Rhys has asked other bloggers for a bit of help with this:

Add a link to this blog from your website so that it will increase the PageRank for this blog so that when patients search for Burzynski, they discover this blog as well as Dr Burzynski’s propaganda. This way, they can discover the whole truth and determine for themselves whether it’s worth investing in his treatment.

Many skeptical bloggers have done just that. Here’s one more.


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