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The Kindle Touch saves Tim from a mountain of books

I have purchased a Kindle Touch! I have already breezed through one book using it, and am looking forward to starting several more.

I think the Touch is really going to have a big effect on my reading habits. Unconsciously, I think I’ve been avoiding buying new books partially because I’m opposed to the accumulation of stuff. I love having books, but I also hate the idea of needing a place to keep them, and having to transport them when I move to new locations. The Kindle takes care of all that. Granted, the Kindle isn’t good for when you have to flip around inside a book to reference parts you read previously, and books that are heavy on graphics become difficult to read as well. As such, I probably won’t read Steven Pinker’s new tome, The Better Angles of our Nature, on my Kindle. But I do foresee myself doing a lot more reading due to the convenience of it, and that makes me happy.

What technology has improved your life lately?



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