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Catholic Church set to deny responsibility again

I was away for a wedding and some sightseeing in Finland last week. I had a wonderful time, but while I was away I missed the opportunity to highlight the latest news in the Irish government’s fight against pederast priests and the Catholic Church. (See here for previous posts.)

According to the latest, the Vatican is going to issue a “strong response” to the Cloyne Report sometime this month, in which they will rebuff  “the Taoiseach’s accusation [that] the Vatican undermined child protection guidelines.”

So, yeah… as expected, the Catholic Church is still going with “It’s not our fault.”

Also, in the wake of the Cloyne Report, Irish leaders are drafting legislation that would make it a crime not to report information pertaining to possible child abuse. Information obtained in a confessional would, of course, fall under this. What does the Church have to say about this?

The [Irish] Government will also be told that the seal of the confession is sacrosanct.

The Catholic Church thinks it is above the law. Sorry boys, the Republic of Ireland is a secular democracy, not a theocracy. You aren’t the law anymore.

With these statements from the Vatican, the Irish government essentially has its response. If I were them, I wouldn’t wait for something more “official” before condemning the Church further, and moving strongly to counter its influence in Ireland. It’s clear that they do not care a whit about those they’ve harmed, and are interested only in protecting themselves.


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Downplaying the rape and torture of children

The Vatican’s latest (unofficial) reponse to the Cloyne Report has been to express “surprise and disappointment at certain excessive reactions” by the Irish government.

…Reactions to the Vatican covering up the rape and torture of children in order to protect its reputation. Yes, the Vatican is “disappointed” in the Irish government – like a father with his son – for getting so worked up over the atrocities it’s committed.


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Some ideas for the Archibishop of Ireland’s apology

In a guest post over at Butterflies and Wheels, Patrick O’Malley has drafted two versions of an apology.

The second of these, while a bit over the top, is a good example of what true remorse and willingness to make amends would look like. We’ve never seen anything like this from the Catholic Church in all the iterations of the sexual abuse scandal. As a result, the first version of the apology looks a lot more accurate.


UPDATE: An official response by the Vatican to the Cloyne Report is still forthcoming, but already the excuse making has started. The Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, has issued a statement saying that the Church wasn’t contradicting Irish law in objecting to the mandatory reporting of allegations of child abuse to civil authorities. This is true – there was no law mandating this at the time. What the Church objected to, says Lombardi, was the idea that allegations should be reported. It is an idea that “contained aspects that were problematic from the point of view of compatibility with universal canon law.”

I suppose that under universal canon law it is illegal to protect children and see to it that criminal actions are investigated, when doing so would expose wrongdoing within the Church.


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The Catholic Church is still protecting criminals

The Catholic Church just does not care about people at all… unless those people are priests who are sexually abusing children.

The Irish government has just released a report showing that the Church in Ireland was covering up abuses by priests until as recently as 2009 – fourteen years after they promised to report all cases of abuse to civil authorities.

It never ends! These people are nothing more than criminals who will do anything they can to preserve their reputations and avoid punishment for the atrocities they’ve committed.

A group called Bishop Accountability, quoted in the article, gives a concise summary of the entire sex abuse scandal.

[The Cloyne Report is] disheartening confirmation that even today, despite the church’s knowledge of the profound anguish of thousands of victims, its reform policies are public relations ploys, not true child protection programs.

Exactly. In every incident, the Church has taken care to protect its reputation above all else, and avoided taking responsibility or showing true remorse for the horrible things its members have done.


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